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Holding Hands

St. John NP in Family Health is here to help you or a loved one get on a path towards a sober, happy life. Marianne understands that having an addiction problem affects your overall health and happiness. Addiction is not something you chose, and every patients reason is different. But what ever the reason may be, she is happy that you are choosing to get the help you need now and move on to a more fulfilling life.

Marianne works with you to  provide the best, competent and qualified care when approaching your needs, fears and concerns. She helps you discover underlying issues that are causing you to use drugs or alcohol.


She would like you to know addiction and medication management does not have to be a life sentence. She works with you towards your specific goals for treatment, and when you are ready to face the world again, having developed new coping strategies, she will help you in approaching the possibility of not needing MAT.

She understands the disease of Addiction and finds profound happiness in your journey to recovery.  

St. John NP is authorized to prescribe Suboxone, administer Sublocade and Vivitrol to treat both opioid and alcohol addiction.

Medication Assisted Treatment for Addiction

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